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Apahaj Ashram is a home for the Old, Infirm, Destitute people both men & women. We provide the inmate all modern amenities of life like free boarding, free lodging & free medical aid etc.



We take care that every inmate is well attended by the staff kept in Sabha. We provide woolen clothes, blankets besides bedding. Apahaj Ashram has separate wards for male & female residents. Every inmate of the Ashram over his bed has a fan.



To give healthy food to the inmates, we have our own Ultra Modern Kitchen wherein the food is cooked by our employees on the modern Gas Connection.


Free vegetables every morning has been supplied to the Apahaj Ashram by the local vegetable market.



To provide milk, curd & kheer to the inmates, we have our own cow shed. Every morning we provide the inmates 250gms milk & curd & kheer if and when necessary and to the weak inmates we provide Milk in the evening as well.



To fulfill the spiritual desired of inmates of Sabha we have Temple built inside the ashram. Apart of this we make a trip to Mata Chintpurni every year taking all the inmates of ashram by chartered bus.


Toilets & Bathrooms

We have provided modern toilet & baths where in English seats are fitted. All these toilets & bathrooms are made of marbles & tiles are fitted in bathrooms. Besides all this we have provided hot water to the inmates for their bath in winter.


We have electric geysers fitted in bath rooms. We have enough water storing tanks at different places & the inmates enjoy the facility of water for all the 24 hours.


Medical Care

Our inmates must have good health so we regularly do medical checkup & the Doctor visit the Ashram daily for more than 2 hours.


We provide medicines t all the inmates by purchasing the same from the market.


Grassy Lawn

Keeping in view the health of the inmates we have make grassy lawn wherein they enjoy fresh air and sunshine.


Power Backup

Electric connection is provided in Ashram & we have our own Generator which automatic function in case of power failure. In the city the light is not there but in the Ashram the inmate has the electricity due to this facility.



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